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Welcome to the Utopia Project Site

         Why hello there human (Homo sapiens sapiens)! It seems you've stumbled upon my very lovely site. Just hold on before you click somewhere else, yes, now pull that mouse back and just read for a trifle moment. I promise I won't take up too much of your time. Now just sit there, and use that imagination of yours - got it turned on? Thinking cap attached? Good. Now imagine world without hate, without crime, infinite possibilities in free market trade, individual freedoms guaranteed, discrimination nonexistent based on ethnicity, pollution at an all time pre-human low, lush green forests and fields, species across the world no longer endangered, and a world economy that is stronger than it has ever been. How could this be possible? How could so much be accomplished, you may think, in an age like today where corruption, control, greed, tyranny, indifference, and disgust for your fellow man is at an all time high? Read on lucky viewer! The Utopia Project has the answers to this, and more, and it is all for a great cause!

World Empire.

         Yes, World Empire, a hegemony of a world-wide governmental organization led by the writer of these words, now you may be aghast at this point - and probably are thinking that the author is either insane, or will definitely not deliver on his promises. Well, that's really an issue of trust - I have trusted you to read this far, you can trust me to give to you a window into my ideas and my mind. I don't want to rule the world just to rule it - that would be rather bland and obviously end in failure upon my death. No, I wish to fix the world, because it is obvious to me, and likely to you too, that the world is very broken. I would be giving your life a whole new meaning, you could do and be what you wanted to be, not what society tells you day in and day out. Look at you! You slave day and night in a system that rewards those who slack the most with the better connections. Every facet of our society is built to control you - from our political system that either has you join one of two parties and slug it out, or in a militarist society that limits your choices. You have been cowed into believing the great lie of two choices - "You're either for us or against us, you either do or you're fired, you either put up or shut up" et cetera. Of course, one of those is real - but it's in the mind of the management that forces it upon you.
         You are quite literally trapped, trapped in this society of cellular waves, technological infringements of privacy, and constant stress on how to be, how to look, how to feel, what people think, what you think of people, customs and procedures for getting a cup of coffee that forces you to dedicate a portion of your brainpower to being some kind of social animal that must follow routine or suffer that most awful consequence... awkward silence and embarrassment. The only reason you have this, is of course, years of programming by parents, teachers, religions, television, printed media, and pretty much anything else. No one has (probably) yet told you that you are actually not required to be what they show you and tell you to be. In fact, you are only required to be yourself on a rational, intellectually sound, and logical earth. That is most certainly not the case right now.
         Now, I ask you to imagine a world of highways where the cars are powered electrically through the highway itself, with cars zipping and zooming all around at speeds upward of 200-300 miles per hour, with lovely little devices that make sure no one crashes of course and everyone is actually on time - and without stress. Imagine a world with clean skies; with clean water, with clean food and enough for everyone... and for a moment now look at your world today. Oceans filled with mercury, rivers of sludge, a body of plastic in the ocean that is literally trash the size of Texas, and worst of all the air, the torrid air... your stifled economy will come to an end if you do not act whether or not you choose on the side of industry. Now back to the imaginary realm - paint the picture in your mind with the real world as a contrast. Clean clear skies, pure and safe water, faster and stress-free travel, the air-waves clear of pundits arguing all day about whether or not this minority or political party does or did or can or can't do this or that or the other. Instead you can turn on the TV and just find out the real news, you can go to the store and buy safe food, you can surf the web without restrictions, and you can live without the black cloud of worrying above your head. Again, contrast one more time with today. Take a moment. Really think about it.
         Most of these ideas revolve around realistic cheap power, quick and easy betterment of trade, betterment of law enforcement and efficiency, betterment in sociological conditions that surround the allied countries and the others within the new hegemony, a world in which clean technology, power, transportation, government, and law enforcement can really work well and keep the citizen both safe, and very free. The less government in your life, the better! Just leave the rest up to me, and I can bring this to you. However, I can only do this with support from people like you, support through word of mouth, spreading my ideas, bringing my message, and of course fiscal donations to allow for the creation of a much more organized campaign. You can print fliers cheaply, twitter, blog, link your friends, tell your dog (they're quite smart actually), train a parrot to repeat key phrases like "Utopia dash project dot org." All it takes is you to get involved and to help me take over the world with ideas that work, and a government that stays out of your personal life.
         I do hope you read this, and if you are interested in learning more - in depth articles can be found by clicking on the Articles link at the top of the page, or below this message. However, if you do not support the idea of a better world where everyone is free to determine their own lives, clean, and has minimal government involvement, click here, and thank you for reading this far.